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Travelling around Orlando

Being close to almost everywhere, it's no surprise that Orlando is as accessible as your friendly neighborhood convenience store!

The perfect travel mode of moving about is a personal vehicle - be it a car, a limousine, a truck, or a bus.

Travelling around Orlando
Airport Transfers.

There are plenty of options for transportation from the airport to Orlando. All major rental companies have booths at the airport. Renting a car is a great idea, especially if you are staying in Orlando to visit Walt Disney World. Orlando is approximately 20 miles away from the airport, but keep in mind that traffic can be an issue during rush hour. Most hotels can also arrange for a pick-up shuttle service.

Most importantly, jot down the addresses of the major airports in Orlando . This will make your moving about the city a breeze.

Orlando Gateway Airport
301 N. Dyer Blvd.
Orlando , FL , 34741
Tel - 407-847-4600

Marathon Flight Services
201 Dyer Blvd.
Orlando , FL , 34741
Tel - 407-846-6128

Orlando International Airport
Greater Orlando Aviation Authority, One Airport Blvd.
Orlando , FL , 32827
Tel - 407-825-2001

Orlando Sanford International Airport
3200 Red Cleveland Blvd.
Sanford , FL , 32773
Tel - 407-585-4500

Car Rental in Orlando.

If you are flying into Orlando International Airport, you will have no problem catching a cab - there will be dozens of cabs waiting for you and you'll notice that all rental car companies have kiosks there.

We would recommend hiring a car during your visit, as exploring the area outside Orlando is very difficult without a vehicle and you'll find that having a rental car is well worth it.

The most important thing to consider is that it comes from reputable companies.

An alternative way of travelling to Orlando is by the Amtrak Train, with the station being located downtown.

Travelling around Orlando by Taxi.

If you plan on taking a taxi, you can ask the driver for an estimate to your destination from the main taxi stand. Taxi rides are metered, but a rough estimation will give you a good idea of price and timing and help you decide between a taxi and a shuttle.

In Orlando you'll be able to find your way around using the guidemarkers all along West 192. To get to Walt Disney World you can take Osceola Parkway (522) - it's a direct and easy way to get there.

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Sightseeing in Orlando

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