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East Lake Tohopekaliga
Lakeshore Blvd
St. Cloud

East Lake Tohopekaliga directions
East Lake is exceptionally clear, often with good visibility to depths of 7-9 feet. It contains much less vegetation than West Lake Toho and, with the exception of its northwest corner, the existing growths are basically confined to a narrow band of perimeter reeds and thin grasses. While there exists the same tannic acid stain common most of the waters of the Sunshine State's natural lakes, the lesser vegetation results in only a noticeable color rather than a dark stain. East Lake is nearly circular in shape and covers approximately 12,000 acres. It is a perfect example of what is often called a `dish-pan' lake. There are no continuously flowing tributaries, as such, and the lake level is maintained by the drainage influx of upper watershed lakes, run-off from the surrounding areas, rains, and normal water table seepage.

The St. Cloud Canal exits East Lake in its southwest corner and connects to West Lake. The canal in navigable for a short distance, but has a lock (number S-59) which is not passable by boat. C-29 canal connects East Lake, through Fells Cove and small Ajay Lake in the northeast corner, to the upper watershed lakes of Hart and Mary Jane. These two bodies are the actual start of the famous Kissimmee waterway, which eventually stretches its way South to sprawling Lake Okeechobee. Navigation is limited, but possible, up to lock number S-62 at Lake Hart. Runnymede Lake, a small shallow body, lies just off the southeastern rim of East Toho and feeds into the main lake by way of a navigable, connecting canal.

The airboats are a familiar site on East Lake Tohopekaliga which is near the Kissimmee St Cloud region south of Orlando. It is possible to spot a lot of wild animals whilst riding the airboats, including the area's most famous resident, the alligator; along with deer foul, and various types of fish and birds.

As this is nature at its best it cannot be confirmed what you will get to see, it is the luck of the draw on the day. There is also a small gift shop for guests to visit at the airboat facility to pick up those much liked alligator souvenirs!

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