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Water Mania
6073 West Highway 192

Water Mania directions
You can go all wet and wild in Water Mania. If you want to get all Wet! Wet! Wet! Then this is the place to be. Water Mania is the younger sib of Wet on Wild and Disney's Blizzard Beach and Typhoon Lagoon. If you like them, you’d love this place way more. More than 36 acres of Water Mania dazzle with its wave pools, the Tot's Town for the kids and a whole cascade of jets and spouts.

Some of the more popular rides here are the Rain Train, the Cruisin’ Creek, the Whitecaps Wave Pool, the Rain Forest, the Electric Arcade, and the Birthday Land. One of the newest attractions in Water Mania is the Rain Train. It is a life sized locomotive that sits in the zero depth water making it easier for the kids to hop aboard. The Cruisin' Creek is where the guests float on the 850 foot tropical river and move around the several of the park's main rides. The Whitecaps Wave Pool lets you swim in the 720,000 gallons of water and bounce along on the waves, with or without a tube. There’s also the Rain Forest that’s perfect for kids. It includes slides, fountains, water guns, and an immense pirate ship.

The Electric Arcade is the latest in electronic game excitement is available near the entrance to the park. Water Mania is the best place for hosting children’s birthday parties especially its Birthday Land where a colorful gazebo can be added as a topping.

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