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Arabian Nights Dinner Theatre
3081 Arabian Nights Blvd

Arabian Nights Dinner Theatre directions
Arabian Nights Dinner Theater brings the East to the West. This is a dinner show that brings to life a well-loved fairy tale galloping bareback on a horse. Gorgeous horses from across the globe are showcased in the world's largest indoor equestrian arena. The Palace of Horses enjoys the title of being the only one of its kind the world over. This sets the center stage for a poignant love story and a tearjerking epic.

The wedding guests are invited to share the glorious celebration of the union of a Prince and Princess. The Prince is able to summon the magical power of The Black Stallion (Walter Farley's legendary star in print and movies). The power of the Black Stallion will be put to good use in dodging the disaster brought upon by an uninvited visitor. This fairy tale love story showcases sultans and princesses and stallions teamed up with modern-day special effects, lighting, and sound—the result: an outstanding performance that is worth every single cent. The bonus there is that all characters are played and portrayed with horses.

The guests of the Sultan include: Gypsies with powerful draft horses, Arabian horses with mounted Bedouins, a unicorn, a frightening villain horse with glowing eyes, and a painted Native American reining horse. The majestic display of breathtaking horses and colorful costumes combine to create a celebration of the relationship between horses and riders that has marked human history.
The theater calls the world's largest indoor equine exhibition arena its home. Since it opened its doors in Kissimmee in 1988, the adventure and the fun has never stopped.

The food is quite good as well, featuring prime rib or vegetable lasagna as well as fresh vegetables and wedding cake, of course.

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