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Kissimmee Chain of Lakes
South Osceola County

Kissimmee Chain of Lakes directions
Kissimmee’s chain of lakes offers some of the best bass and crappie fishing to be found anywhere in the world. These beautiful lakes provide habitat for many species of birds (and alligators) and are excellent places for all freshwater recreation, from skiing to airboating, from nature watching to cruising. The Kissimmee Chain of Lakes has been managed by Florida Game and Fresh Water Fish Commission biologists to produce a quality aquatic habitat which supports nationally recognized sport fisheries.

Lake Tohopekaliga a.k.a. West Lake Toho
22,700 acres
An extreme drawdown and muck removal project was just completed. Approximately 46% of the vegetated zone was exposed for about two months to consolidate bottom sediments, stimulate growth of native aquatic plants and increase production of sport fish. Approximately 1,200 bass per acre were collected in fish population samples the next year. Fall creel surveys indicated angler catch rates for bass ranged from 0.30 to 0.41 bass per hour. Over 60 percent of the bass caught during these surveys were released.

Lake Kissimmee
44,000 acres
In 1994, muck removal during an extreme drawdown was used to restore a productive aquatic habitat. The project positively impacted the aquatic habitat and fish population. Seasonally, the lake continues to offer excellent bass, bluegill, red-ear sunfish and black crappie fishing. The last annual creel survey on Lake Kissimmee estimated the catch by bass fishermen at 61,595 fish. Anglers spent 273,515 man-hours fishing for bass and their success rate was 0.40 bass per hour.

Lake Hatchineha
14,500 acres
The densely vegetated habitat in Lake Hatchineha produced an average of 6,000 fish per acre weighing a total of 200 pounds during a recent fish population sampling. A fisherman creel survey estimated 3,400 bass were harvested during 22,500 man-hours of fishing effort. As dense mats of hydrilla subside in the late summer, fishermen should be able to find bass concentrated around domes of submersed vegetation.

Lake Cypress
5,500 acres
Angler surveys estimated that Lake Cypress bass anglers caught 2,284 bass during 8,060 hours of fishing. The popularity of bass fishing on the Kissimmee Chain of Lakes is easily demonstrated by the number of out-of-state anglers. More than 30 percent of all fishermen interviewed on Lake Cypress were non-residents. Bass fishing on Lake Cypress generally improves in April and May when water released through flood control canals concentrates forage fish.

East Lake Tohopekaliga
13,550 acres
Extremely good water quality has been documented in the lake, and nutrient levels are the lowest recorded for all lakes sampled in the Kissimmee Chain. In 1990, a habitat restoration project was completed on the lake. The restored sites have been heavily utilized by sport fish as spawning, rearing and feeding areas.

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